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Welcome to Howling Moon Media, where we celebrate the extraordinary bond between humans and their furry companions! I'm Mila, the proud owner and photographer behind Howling Moon Media. With a deep passion for pets and a keen eye for capturing their essence, I offer my photography services in Fort Collins, Colorado, and beyond, specializing in dog events and creating timeless memories. Photography has been my creative outlet for over a decade, but it was in recent years that I discovered my true calling in the pet and sporting niche. Drawing from my background in dog sports and my extensive experience in the dog world, I strive to capture the unique personalities, joy, and energy of our beloved four-legged friends. My journey into the world of dogs began in my early years, where sled dogs became an integral part of my life. Participating in sled dog races both in the United States and Russia, I developed a deep appreciation for these magnificent animals and their incredible capabilities. As time went on, I found myself captivated by dog agility, a sport that showcases the remarkable teamwork and bond between humans and their canine companions. Today, I proudly run two corgi mixes of my own in agility competitions, constantly learning from them and finding inspiration for my photography. Combining my background in dog sports, my experience in the dog world, and my passion for photography, I aim to capture the moments that truly reflect the spirit and connection between you and your beloved pets. Whether it's the exhilarating leaps during an agility course or the tender, quiet moments shared in everyday life, I strive to create images that encapsulate the love and happiness you share with your furry family members. I am excited to work with you and freeze those special moments in time that you can cherish forever. Let's embark on this creative journey together and celebrate the incredible bond we share with our four-legged companions.!



At Howling Moon Media, my mission is to capture the unique personalities, joy, and connection between pets and their owners. I aim to create stunning and timeless photographs that celebrate the love and happiness shared with our furry companions. Through my expertise in pet and sporting photography, I strive to provide exceptional services that exceed the expectations of my clients, preserving their cherished memories for a lifetime.


My vision is to be the leading pet photographer,  known for my exceptional ability to capture the essence and beauty of pets. I envision a world where every pet owner has the opportunity to showcase the bond and happiness they share with their furry family members through high-quality and artistic photographs. I aim to expand our reach and inspire pet lovers worldwide, setting new standards of excellence in the pet photography industry. Through continuous innovation, creativity, and a deep appreciation for the animal-human connection, I aspire to make a lasting impact in the lives of my clients and their beloved pets.

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